REAP is a 501 (C) (5) non-profit labor organization. REAP was created in 2012  by numerous Riverside County employees who weren’t satisfied with the representation they were receiving from SEIU 721.  Built with its members in mind, REAP founders spent many months creating a structure that would allow REAP to provide the best representation possible for all members.

REAP has expanded its representation to any public sector employee in California who is looking for quality representation at an affordable price. REAP can help you with your representational needs for just $20.00 a month!  We manage this through fiscal responsibility and responsibility to our members.  REAP understands the need for professional representation, especially in these ever-changing times.  Many REAP members are attracted to REAP because REAP is dedicated to- and is laser-focused on – providing the best possible representation for REAP members!

The 2018 Janus vs AFSCME Supreme Court decision allows public sector employees to decide if they want to belong to a union and pay the required dues.  No longer can public sector employers require public employees to pay union dues as a requirement of employment.  As a public employee, you now have a choice!  If you are looking for a labor organization that understands how important your job is to you, REAP is the labor organization for you.

If you are interested in becoming a REAP member and you want access to professional representation, please complete the REAP registration form here.  If you have questions, please email [email protected] or call/text REAP at (951)202-8058.

If you’d like to schedule a REAP worksite visit, simply click here and complete the on-line form or email us at [email protected],  or call/text (951)202-8058.