Who is REAP?


REAP is a 501 (C) (3) non-profit labor organization. REAP was created by numerous Riverside County employees who felt SEIU 721 was not providing adequate representation and was not behaving in a manner consistent with having their members’ best interests at heart. REAP consists of current and retired Riverside County employees.  We are your peers and have a vested interest in doing right by County employees. 

The recent Janus vs AFSCME decision by the Supreme Court allows every public sector employee to choose whether they want to pay dues and belong to a union.  The logic is that unions are political actors, and by allowing unions to charge agency fees, state governments are effectively compelling employees to financially support a political organization that they may or may not agree with.

REAP is not political.  REAP is offering Real Representation by actual labor attorneys. No longer do you have to rely on an untrained co-worker to represent you in a disciplinary action. No longer do you have to make phone call after phone call to the SEIU 721 Member Service Center. No longer do you have to wait for days and weeks to get a return call from SEIU 721.

REAP has partnered with labor professionals, Public Employees Legal, LLP.  Public Employees Legal, LLP specializes in providing professional representation and negotiations to public employees.  You can learn more about Public Employees Legal,LLP here .  Public Employees Legal, LLP is an excellent firm, already used by employee unions in California City, Corona, Orange County Vector Control, Torrance, San Marino, and has many other clients.

REAP can help you with your representational needs for $20.00 a month.  We manage this through fiscal responsibility and responsibility to our members.  REAP understands the need for professional representation, especially in these ever changing times.  As with the Coachella Valley Water District, REAP has the knowledge to decertify SEIU 721, but it takes a team.  Are you interested in becoming part of our team?

If you are interested in becoming a REAP member and you want access to professional representation, click here. Complete the form and send it to REAP at: 19510 Van Buren Blvd. F3-197, Riverside, CA 92508or complete the form, scan and email to [email protected].  The dues authorization section is for future use, so that when we replace SEIU721, we’ll already have the necessary signatures to collect dues via payroll deduction.  We currently use a third party credit card processor and accept checks.

The time to secure professional representation is BEFORE you need it. Don’t risk your job and your future by relying on SEIU 721 to protect you in your time of need. Join REAP and partner with the professionals!

Find out why SEIU 721 is so desperate to rake in your dues money.  See their obscene staff and officer expenses here.

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