Don’t Be on the “B” Team…

Volume 2 / Issue 12

Mission Statement

To provide quality service to the REAP members with integrity and respect, understanding the member is the priority.

In college, most of us dreaded the mid terms. It gave us, and our professors, a gauge on where we were and where we needed to be. It was an opportunity to make the necessary adjustments to get us back on course. On November 4th, 2014, you have the opportunity to make a change and get your government, local, state and national, back on course.

Why vote? Some of us who go to the polls do so because it’s our patriotic duty. Some feel obligated. Others go because they want to see a change in direction, this time. Then there is that select group, the “B” team, who didn’t even know there was an election. This is the group we need to reach out to.

Is not showing up at the polls a conscience choice that’s made by the “B” team because they get into the mindset that “nothing will change”? ”Politicians will do what is in their best interest, line their own pockets, and continue with the standard double talk we’ve all grown accustomed to hearing from our elected officials”! Or is what we hear from this group the typical, “I didn’t vote for him/her”, or “Why did my taxes go up?”, or how about the age old classic, “See what a mess YOUR guy made!” The truth is, this is the mess the “B” team created. They had the opportunity to make the change during the mid terms…just like in college. It is the responsibility of each of us to decide, FOR OURSELVES, how we want to cast our vote. Believe it or not, your vote DOES count!

Every election cycle, SEIU will fill your mailbox, and call at the most inconvenient time, to ask for your support for their guy or gal. Since I opted out of SEIU almost a year ago, I thought I was free from the flyers and phone calls from these yahoo’s. No such luck! I have received flyers and phone calls from the SEIU phone banks asking me to support Tom Torlakson and Betty Yee, not my cup o’ tea, but I just couldn’t resist messing around a bit…A healthy laugh is good for the heart!

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For those who are still with SEIU and are not familiar with the candidate selection process, it’s really something you need to experience first hand. During most local election’s, SEIU may, or may not, hold a town-hall meeting giving members an opportunity to hear the candidates, listen to their points of views, accomplishments, and how they would make a change if elected. At the end of the presentation, each SEIU member in attendance votes on who they feel should be supported, financially or with boots on the ground, by SEIU…oh, and one more thing, the votes of those members are only recommendations to the SEIU Executive Board (including those E-Board members in LA and Ventura). The SEIU Executive Board will always have the final say in who they back, not the members. So really…how is this part of the democratic process? Apparently SEIU doesn’t think their members can make informed, educated decisions. ELECTING THEIR CANDIDATE IS SEIU’S MAIN PURPOSE. YOUR DUES DOLLARS IS GOING TO MAKE IT HAPPEN!

The mid terms are a turning point. There are some who believe the mid terms are as important, if not more so, than the General Election. The mid terms are a chance to see a swing in the senate on both a statewide and national level, is a new governor on the horizon, will we be voting yes on a bond measure that will raise your taxes, but do so because it’s for the good of the group, how about your local city council person? The bottom line…it’s up to all of us to take an active role. If you think you may be part of the “B” team, get involved. Don’t sit on the sidelines watching the game…get in there and do your part!

For your convenience here is a breakdown of the state wide candidates and propositions.

Looking Towards the Future

2015 Supervisory Bargaining Unit Opt Out

Volume 3 / Issue 2

Mission Statement

To provide quality service to the REAP members with integrity and respect, understanding the member is the priority.

Between April 1 and the last working day in April of each year, employees belonging to
the Supervisory Bargaining Unit represented by SEIU, have the opportunity to “Opt-out” of SEIU. This means you are NOT required to pay any Agency Fees or Maintenance of Membership fees regardless of what SEIU staff may tell you. In April of 2014, many employees took advantage of this provision and chose to exercise their right to opt-out of SEIU.

This April brings along with it yet another opportunity for members of the Supervisory bargaining unit to Opt-Out of SEIU. Some may be fearful of leaving SEIU because they are not quite sure how this works or how they will be affected. Here’s what happens when you leave SEIU – Nothing.

Riverside County Human Resources (HR) determines the labor organization that covers employees based on the position the employee holds. For example, Sheriff Deputies are covered by the Riverside Sheriff’s Association (RSA), some employees of the District Attorney’s office are covered by the District Attorney’s Association (DAA), and employees classified as Crafts and Labor are represented by LIUNA, the Laborers International Union North America. When a supervisor of SEIU opts out, they are still covered under the MOU that was negotiated between SEIU and HR and because of this, there is no loss of any pay or step increases or any other benefits negotiated on your behalf.

You may ask yourself, “What about representation if I opt out? Who will defend me if I need help?” As it stands now, if you need representation from SEIU, they will use one of your coworkers for this. Although this person may have the best intentions, California Labor Law is extremely complicated and is probably something your coworker has not been trained in. Are you willing to risk your career in a disciplinary hearing to one of your coworkers? Let me assure you – REAP will be there. REAP has contracted with the City Employees Associates (CEA). Well over 100 associations throughout California rely on CEA for contract negotiations and PROFESSIONAL representation.

REAP 19510 Van Buren Blvd. F3-197 Riverside, CA 92508 951-202-8058 / 951-858-6759 [email protected]

In theFebruary edition of the REAP Newsletter, we have officially announced our SEIU DECERTIFICATION CAMPAIGN. This is going to happen, but we will need you and your vote. In the coming months ALL employees represented by SEIU will have the opportunity to give SEIU the boot. Petition signing parties, kiosks, even street corner signings are going to be taking place. To echo the words of the REAP Vice President – REAP NEEDS YOU…and YOU NEED YOU! This couldn’t be more true than now. Your future depends on what you do in the next few months. Why should 52% your union dues go to Washington
DC to fund the SEIU political monster?

Last year, SEIU did their best to make the opt-out process as difficult as possible. Although the language in the MOU only requires a letter from the employee to opt out of SEIU, you may be asked to fill out additional paperwork. Does REAP agree with this? NO! Does County HR agree with this? NO. Does the Public Employees Relations Board (PERB) agree with this? We don’t know yet. A PERB complaint has been filed on REAP’s behalf by CEA.

Article 24 of your current MOU outlines the procedure required by SEIU. It states: “Any employee desiring to revoke their authorization for dues shall forward a letter by United States Mail or in person to SEIU; setting forth his/her desire to remove said authorization and may include reasons thereof. To be considered, a letter shall be received by SEIU on or after April 1st, but no later than the last working day of April. SEIU shall promptly
forward a stop deduction to County payroll in the manner provided by the County.”

Attached is a link to a letter you may use to assist you in your quest to opt-out of SEIU or you may write your own. I have also included a “3-In-1” opt-in to REAP designation form. The dues for representation are only $10 per pay period or $20 every 28 days. If interested in becoming a REAP member, scan and email the form back to [email protected] or fill out the form and mail to 19510 Van Buren Bl. #F3-197 Riverside, CA 92508.

Until the employees in Riverside County remove SEIU as the “exclusive labor organization”, REAP can’t negotiate. Operative word in that last statement is “Until”…and together we will!

Looking Towards the Future