What a Friend We Have in SEIU…

Volume 2 / Issue 4


Mission Statement

To provide quality service to the REAP members with integrity and respect, understanding the member is the priority.

Over this past weekend, many of you may have received an email from SEIU informing you of their most current victory. Finally…after several years of diligent work, they have been able to resolve “some” compaction issues, and it’s left me not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

According to Wendy Thomas, SEIU has been working to resolve these compaction issues since July of 2013. Our MOU was approved in March of 2012. Why has it taken a year and four months for SEIU to do anything? Why has SEIU only focused on the Supervisory Unit? Don’t they represent ALL members who make up SEIU 721? Section 9 of this signed agreement between SEIU and HR indicates both parties are to meet annually to review any SEIU classification impacted by the LIUNA salary increases. Why was it changed to just Supervisors AFTER the MOU was ratified?

The wording of this flyer can be quite deceptive if not read thoroughly. Be sure you understand the bold print. It does not entitle those that have been approved to a 5.5% pay increase, only that you may receive increases up to 5.5%. After I opened one of the links, this is what I saw:

“SEIU 721 is the only union to win language in our contract to correct supervisory salary compaction issues as they arise. I’m thankful we have such a strong union advocating for us.”

Makes perfect sense to me…presently, SEIU is the EXCLUSIVE Labor Organization for our members. Therefore, only SEIU can insert language into our contract! That would be the end of what make sense to me…SEIU does not advocate for any of us…SEIU advocates for themselves. Sometimes it’s hard to see this through those rose colored glasses.

Interim REAP President, Rick Gay, a former Steward and Member of the Regional Council of SEIU is definitely no novice when it comes to the inner workings of SEIU. Since the inception of REAP, Rick has dedicated his knowledge, experience, and personal time to REAP. For the past 6 years while he was still involved with SEIU, Rick had fought tirelessly for the Para-Professional Bargaining Unit. Rick identified a compaction issue well before our contract was approved. As a member of the negotiating team, Rick fought at the table to have this corrected but by the end of the day, he was just as exhausted and frustrated as the rest of the members of the negotiating team, knowing that the lead negotiator did nothing for these members.

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In a recent meeting that was held on 2/21/14, Rick reported the following:

According to Wendy Thomas, Julie Butcher, Jim Lauderdale, Eloy Alvarez, Roman Martinez and Deputy General Council Najebb Khoury told Rick, “They don’t want to waste their time or resources sending a frivolous request to H.R. because of the “BAD” language of the MOU. It would be a waste of their time.”

Rick also reported there will be no further action until July of 2014 to meet and confer. So you see, SEIU is not taking care of compaction issues as they arise, they’ve known about the Para-Professional’s compaction issue for years and still, nothing is being done for these folks.

It’s no secret that REAP has provided information to our members of the Supervisory Unit via our website and emails. Those in the Supervisory unit can opt out of SEIU between April 1 and April 30 of each year of our current MOU. Consider it. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain!

It’s no surprise either that after almost 2 years, SEIU has finally figured it out. If they don’t do something, anything, they are going to lose a massive amount of members. Why now? What have they been waiting for?

If you’re one of the lucky ones to get the increase, that’s great news for you and your family. If you’re on the list to be reviewed, we will rooting for you. The good news…you can still opt out AND keep your increases.

Is SEIU’s recent compaction news a Coincidence? You tell me…