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  • The utilities and the California wildfires November 14, 2018
    While California’s giant investor-owned utilities may have equipment that sparks wildfires, the fact is that they have had power lines into remote rural and exurban areas for over a century.
    The Editorial Board
  • GOP is dead in California. A new way must rise November 14, 2018
    For Republicans, the first step is to acknowledge that we have a serious internal problem. Ignoring the toxicity is not enough, as California’s election results demonstrate.
    Kristin Olsen
  • Midterms not a big game-changer in California: Letters November 14, 2018
    Re “Are the midterms a big game-changer?” (Question of the Week, Nov. 6): Not in California, where the Democrats passed laws that just the top two vote-getters run. It should be as it was, the top one of each party, but that is not good enough for Democrats. As for it being important, all I […]
    Letters To The Editor
  • Amazon’s crony capitalist HQ2 search digs up goldmine of city data November 14, 2018
    Local businesses may find that when an Amazon-owned company expands in their city, it always seems to have the inside track on securing the best locations and other benefits. They can thank their local elected officials for giving away home field advantage.
    The Editorial Board
  • California needs to return to state of controlled burn November 14, 2018
    If you’ve lived in California for a long time, you probably remember something called a “controlled burn,” the practice of intentionally setting fires to limit the spread of wildfires that might occur later.
    Susan Shelley