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  • Change the culture of harassment in Sacramento June 20, 2018
    The California Legislature can get it right this time by voting later this month to approve a draft plan that hands future sexual harassment complaints over to independent panels for review and action.
    The Editorial Board
  • If you want to rob a car, go see Cal(ifornia)! June 20, 2018
    These vehicle-related thefts are particularly awful in the Bay Area. In 2017 there were 31,122 car burglaries reported in San Francisco, a crime rate that was at least four times higher than in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose or Sacramento.
    John Phillips
  • Tariffs on Chinese goods will hurt Southern California’s economy June 20, 2018
    If the president truly wants to put America first, he should open the doors to free trade and stop this trade war nonsense before more Americans get hurt.
    The Editorial Board
  • Canadian pharmacy scandal reveals the dangers of drug importation June 20, 2018
    A U.S. district court in Montana just imposed a $34 million fine on Canada Drugs, an online pharmacy charged with selling counterfeit medications to unsuspecting Americans. Some of the drugs contained no active ingredients.
    Sally C. Pipes
  • Barefaced lies and forced separation June 20, 2018
    In a profession that requires elected officials to persuade constituents with different beliefs and priorities that they are on their side, politicians often shade the truth.  It part of the formula of success.
    Kevin Oleary