In June of 2013, SEIU made a critical error.  The plan was to invite 100 of their closest supporters and encourage them to vote on a dues increase that, over the course of 5 years would have increased our dues, yours and mine, from a flat rate of $24 per month to 1.5% of your hourly rate.  All of this to help offset the incompetent mismanagement of our dues.

As word of this scheme began to circulate, the founding members of REAP took the lead.  We developed a website, SCRU721.com, which provided a mechanism for us to get the information out to ALL SEIU 721 members.  It was resounding defeat to SEIU.  Over 700 members voted to let SEIU know that this is not how a member driven union operates.

At some point in that evening, we knew the time had come and REAP was born.  It may not have been REAP that evening, but the concept had been hatched. We were, and still are, on a mission to provide the best possible representation available to our members.  We have surrounded ourselves with knowledgeable professionals who thrive on taking SEIU to task and have been very successful in this endeavor and exposing their underhanded ways.

Whether you are in the Professional, Para-Professional, Supervisory, RN’s, Parks and Recreation or Waste Management bargaining units, we are devoted to the members of REAP, our employers and the citizens we have the privilege to serve.

The critical error SEIU made in June 2013 was that they under estimated the strength of our members and the unity of our voices.  It’s time to let them hear us once again!

Continue to look towards the future!!