Has Effective Representation Become a Thing of the Past?

Volume 3 / Issue 6

Mission Statement

To provide quality service to the REAP members with integrity and respect, understanding the member is the priority.

Earlier this week, we posted on our Facebook page, a link to a dispute between a private citizen and SEIU. Here’s what The Press Democrat had to say:

“A Ukiah businessman has launched an effort to disband the union representing a majority of Mendocino County employees, igniting allegations of attempted union busting. Ross Liberty owns a successful exhaust systems manufacturing plant that employs about 65 people and belongs to a conservative employers organization. He has created a website and hired an attorney to draft new bylaws and assist disgruntled county employees in navigating the process of
decertifying one union and replacing it with a new, less-expensive employee association…” (more)

Regardless of your political affiliation, as public employees I’m sure we can all agree that “Professional” contract negotiating is vital to a solid MOU… Professionalism conveys a willingness to work with management. If asked to rate their current union, based on just these factors – negotiation, representation, and transparency – I wonder how many would answer honestly? I guess it would depend on the conversation…you may get two answers!

Most public employees assume their labor organization is skilled enough to negotiate firm, but fair, contracts with management. What if they don’t? What if contracts were being negotiated between management and the union for management’s benefit, rather than between management and the union for the employees benefit? Now I know what you’re thinking…”That couldn’t happen to us, could it?” It can and it already is…Check out this post…(SternBerger).

The best solution to a corrupt, over bearing, non-responsive, labor organization like SEIU is through decertification. This is what Ross Liberty is doing…This is what employees in Riverside County should seriously be considering. If you’ve followed our posts, I’m sure you remember the articles about Tyrone Freeman and Cedric Hughes. Corruption in this organization starts at the top! Representation for SEIU 721 members still falls short of the mark. According to the 2014 LM2 report, there are only 19 advocates available for a membership that exceeds approximately 70,000 members…that’s 3,685 members per advocate! From the information we’ve
been able to gather, it’s likely there is only (1) advocate assigned to the Inland Empire for approximately 5800 employees represented by SEIU 721. SEIU relies mainly on its members to represent members…This explains why SEIU 721 only allocated 3% to representation and 13% to organization in their 2011 proposed budget.



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REAP’s goal is to return the future of Riverside County employees back to the employees…but the reality of it is this…it has to be a goal of the employees…It has to do with principals…member driven representation will depend solely on the actions all of us take in the coming months.

The Principles of REAP are simple:

“Protect and improve the pay, benefits and working conditions of the employees we represent. Negotiate fair and equitable contracts using a professional contract negotiator to ensure the best outcome for our members. Defend each employee’s right to fair treatment and justice in the workplace. Communicate the interests and
needs of our members to our elected officials and hold those leaders accountable for supporting the fair treatment of our members. Value the diversity and variety of opinions of our members while performing as a team to advance unity, stability and strength. Foster a culture of professionalism and inclusiveness
that encourages treating each other with dignity, fairness and respect. Practice transparency and accountability in all our dealings, conduct, actions and financial stewardship. Support the needs of those within REAP as well as to be a responsible and contributing member of Riverside County. The Regional Employees Association of Professionals is our vision of a truly member driven Association.”

Even though he’s not a public employee with Mendocino County, Ross Liberty gets it! Ross Liberty is also pro-labor…He’s just not pro-SEIU. We need more Ross Liberty’s. Your Right to Representation If you are called into a meeting with management, you have the right to know the subject of the meeting. If you reasonably believe the meeting could lead to discipline, you have the right to representation. You must ask for that right. Management does not have to offer this to you.If you need
representation, are you willing to gamble on your future…hoping that your cubicle-mate’s vast knowledge of California’s Labor Law will save your position? REAP has the skills and staffing to represent you in the manner you deserve.

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Looking Towards the Future!