It’s Always Been About the Money!

Volume 2 / Issue 5

It’s All About the Money!!

Mission Statement

To provide quality service to the REAP members with integrity and respect, understanding the member is the priority.

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court appeared close Tuesday — but maybe not close enough — to scaling back the ability of labor unions to represent public employees.

The case before them involved just eight home-care workers in Illinois who don’t want union representation, and certainly don’t want to pay union dues. But it has escalated into what Justice Antonin Scalia, the potential swing vote, said could amount to “destroying the ability of the union to get money.”For decades, the law has allowed unions to collect dues from all private or public employees they are required to represent. Those who object don’t have to contribute to unions’ political or lobbying activities, but they must chip in for wage, benefit and working conditions representation. The home-care workers in Harris v. Quinn say they should not have to join the union — even though the union, by law, is required to represent them. They contend that they work for individuals with disabilities whose funding comes from the state-federal Medicaid program — not the state of Illinois, which signed a contract with the Service Employees International Union. (read the complete article here)

The above article was published in USA Today in January 2014. What’s interesting is this case revolves around eight people and the premise of it is being heard by the Supreme Court. If it’s ever crossed your mind the lengths SEIU will go to get your money, this should be a fairly accurate gauge. Article XV, Section 6a – 6d of the SEIU International ByLaws, outlines the minimum and maximum amounts each local can collect in dues based on each members’ annual earnings. This is not what Local 721 did in the Inland Empire in June of 2013. Bob Schoonover likes to tell the members in the IE that the Los Angeles members are “mad as
hell” that we do not pay a percentage like they do. Truth be told Bob– you’re absolutely correct! They are mad as hell, but not because of what we pay but rather for what they pay and for what they get! In April of 2012, the employees in Fresno County had the same sentiment for SEIU that we have. It’s was time for a change then and it is time for a change in Riverside County now!

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In 2005, SEIU International decided it would be in their best interest to group smaller locals into more powerful regional locals. Hence, 721 in Southern California and 1021 in the Central part of the state. They’ve used this model to influence, or muscle, smaller locals throughout the country into the same submission. Because of the bill of goods we were sold, we’re stuck with what we have, for now. Fortunately though, many members of these larger locals have been quite vocal and there seems to be a trend where these smaller locals are refusing to become part of these mega-locals.

Why does SEIU 721 pay $4200.00 to each Board Member annually? Is this “go along with it” money? Who approved it? What is a lost timer? Apparently Bob Schoonover, Wendy Thomas and several others are lost timers. Is this also something that was approved by the members or was it something that was approved by Bob and Gilda Valdez? It just seems there are too many unanswered questions.

As a Board Member for SEIU in Los Angeles, Harold Sterker receives his $4200.00 annually. Rosie Martinez is currently on SEIU’s payroll. In 2012 she earned $27.091.00. Recently, SEIU recognized and congratulated both for their dedication to employees at the Riverside County Regional Medical Center. So much so that you’ve given them a $20,000.00 increase. How this will be used or who received it is unclear. However, according to the minutes, the time has come for them to possibly move on to another assignment.

Speaking of RCRMC, a flyer is circulating throughout the hospital about SEIU Nurse Alliance of California. SEIU-UHW has their own history and hopefully the employees at RCRMC will see through the smoke and mirrors before committing. There is much more information about all of SEIU’s sorted past and present, including SEIU-UHW at Stern Berger w/Fries.

Remember…everything SEIU does is for the money…The members they represent are just a necessary inconvenience.

Looking Towards the Future…