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Aug. 7, 2018

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Aug. 8, 2018

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1995 Market St. Riverside

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Aug. 28, 2018

11:30 am - 1:30 pm

23119 Cottonwood Ave. Moreno Valley

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Sept. 13, 2018

11:30 am - 1:30 pm

541 N. San Jacinto, Hemet

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DPSS Admin

Sept. 20, 2018

11:30 am - 1:30 pm

4060 County Cr. Dr. Riverside

Meeting room: Breakroom

REAP is happy with the Janus decision giving public sector employees the power of choice- a right every American should have and shouldn't lose simply because they choose public service as a career.  All SEIU 721 bargaining unit workers will get the same rights supervisors have had all along- rights SEIU has fought against.  Those who work in public service know the immense value and satisfaction that comes from serving the public.  Many also know that, at times, there is still a need for representation in the workplace.  
Reject the propaganda that REAP is in any way "anti-worker."  REAP itself is a union, serving members for years.  As an employee organization founded on earning members through quality representation, we simply don't have the same fears the SEIU's of the world have now that the Supreme Court has stopped them from picking your pockets each and every payday.  REAP runs on dedicated volunteers, current and former county employees, using dues just for providing a lawyer to represent members. 
REAP does not require 17 million dollars to pay staff, as SEIU 721 does, which is why they opposed this recent ruling and will work to undermine the Supreme Court decision by pushing for new laws in California - to once again trample the rights of workers and bring them under control.  As REAP membership grows, we will eventually replace SEIU as the exclusive employee organization for many Riverside County workers, using the same process SEIU once used to get into that position today.  REAP will be reaching out to you in your work locations to inform you on how to use your newly gained rights to choice and freedom of speech.


Hold On To Your Rights

SEIU has launched a campaign to tangle members in a year-long payment contract just as they are about to have the freedom to choose their own representational path.  Each April, Supervisory bargaining unit members have the right to rescind their dues deductions simply by sending a letter to SEIU.  Soon, members of all units will likely have the same option, due to a current US Supreme Court Case (Janus v AFSCME).  This freedom could extend through the whole year instead of being confined to April.  

County employees in SEIU represented units are being asked to create accounts on the SEIU website to update their contact info and be informed of negotiation updates.  As part of this update, comes a contractual agreement to pay dues to SEIU for a year - no matter what.  Anyone signing on for this is left with a 2-week opt out window each year.  A Supervisory unit member would effectively cut their current rights in half.  

REAP believes in earning our members business through quality representation; membership can be enjoyed on a month-to-month basis.  While you may be not be sure yet REAP is right for you, know that your rights are yours and you shouldn't give them up to those paid to represent you.  Members considering going ahead with SEIU's payment contract should also be aware that the agreement authorizes SEIU to raise the dues to any amount they see fit.     




To request a meeting at your facility contact us at REAP4US@hotmail.com 

Calling all Para-Professionals, The Regional Employees Association of Professionals (REAP) would like to be your exclusive labor organization. The Para-Professional unit has been neglected for too long! Here is what you should know about REAP:

  • Founded in 2011 and became a non-profit labor organization in 2013.
  • Our core belief is that the rights of our members are of the utmost importance.
  • We believe in only using labor attorneys to represent our members.
  • REAP is not political - we do not use members’ dues for political events or to endorse political candidates.
  • REAP’s attorneys can negotiate your next contract. The Para-Professionals have always taken a back seat.                             

This can be your year!

The time is now to choose true, professional labor representation. Find out more at a REAP informational meeting. 

Supervisors, stay tuned for April Opt Out Month!




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Why are you striking?

Does SEIU know why they are asking you to strike?

It appears SEIU doesn’t know exactly why they are asking their members to strike, or at least they don’t want to make it clear to the members why they have called for a strike.

If you read the articles on the SEIU 721 website, or listen to the members’ videos, you may become confused if you aren’t already. In some places, SEIU 721 will have you believe they are striking to get a better contract for their members. Yet, in other places, SEIU 721 states the strike is related to an unfair labor practice charge that concerns unsafe working conditions.

Which is it?



Stephen Switzer emailed the LIUNA members, stating the SEIU strike is not related to LIUNA members in any way and is not related to SEIU’s contract negotiations. Switzer states, “And, according to SEIU, it is not even related to their own bargaining situation. Rather it is related to a specific Unfair Practice Charge related to safety concerns affecting some of their members” http://www.liuna777.org/05_bargaining.html

Why is SEIU 721 not addressing these safety issues with Cal/OSHA?

“Cal/OSHA makes sure that employers follow occupational safety and health regulations and keep the workplace safe. Almost all workers in California are protected by Cal/OSHA regulations (often called standards). This includes public employees and immigrant workers who are not legally authorized to work in California” (Cal/OSHA website). https://www.dir.ca.gov/dosh/dosh_publications/worksecurity.html

So, if you think you are striking for a chance to get a better contract, you may be misinformed.





It's been quite the challenge - Three years ago, a handful of SEIU represented employees decided they had had enough of the lies and deceit, the unaccountable amounts of money and a union that seems all too focused on gathering more members, RATHER than represent the members they currently have.

WE pay for this! We're living within a culture of political activism and SEIU is at the top of the heap! There are estimates from several sources, quoting the obscene amounts of YOUR DUES dollars SEIU has used in their political campaigns since 2008 - almost $150,000.000.00 Incredible! What's even more disheartening...in June of 2008, SEIU International adopted a new amendment to its constitution, requiring that every local contribute an amount equal to $6 per member per year to the union’s national political action committee. This is in addition to regular union dues.

The abuse of employees by the labor organization we are forced to align with, SEIU 721, has got to stop.


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