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Why are you striking?

Does SEIU know why they are asking you to strike?

It appears SEIU doesn’t know exactly why they are asking their members to strike, or at least they don’t want to make it clear to the members why they have called for a strike.

If you read the articles on the SEIU 721 website, or listen to the members’ videos, you may become confused if you aren’t already. In some places, SEIU 721 will have you believe they are striking to get a better contract for their members. Yet, in other places, SEIU 721 states the strike is related to an unfair labor practice charge that concerns unsafe working conditions.

Which is it?

Stephen Switzer emailed the LIUNA members, stating the SEIU strike is not related to LIUNA members in any way and is not related to SEIU’s contract negotiations. Switzer states, “And, according to SEIU, it is not even related to their own bargaining situation. Rather it is related to a specific Unfair Practice Charge related to safety concerns affecting some of their members”

Why is SEIU 721 not addressing these safety issues with Cal/OSHA?

“Cal/OSHA makes sure that employers follow occupational safety and health regulations and keep the workplace safe. Almost all workers in California are protected by Cal/OSHA regulations (often called standards). This includes public employees and immigrant workers who are not legally authorized to work in California” (Cal/OSHA website).

So, if you think you are striking for a chance to get a better contract, you may be misinformed.



It’s been quite the challenge – Three years ago, a handful of SEIU represented employees decided they had had enough of the lies and deceit, the unaccountable amounts of money and a union that seems all too focused on gathering more members, RATHER than represent the members they currently have.

WE pay for this! We’re living within a culture of political activism and SEIU is at the top of the heap! There are estimates from several sources, quoting the obscene amounts of YOUR DUES dollars SEIU has used in their political campaigns since 2008 – almost $150,000.000.00 Incredible! What’s even more disheartening…in June of 2008, SEIU International adopted a new amendment to its constitution, requiring that every local contribute an amount equal to $6 per member per year to the union’s national political action committee. This is in addition to regular union dues.

The abuse to employees by the labor organization we are forced to align with, SEIU 721, has got to stop.


Unlike SEIU, the Regional Employees Association of Professionals (REAP) HAS a vested interest in your future because WE are Riverside County employees also. REAP believes that employees should have “Professional Representation” from qualified attorney’s, versed in California labor law, not from your co-worker who just came in from lunch. REAP also feels that professional negotiation for all bargaining units should be SPECIFIC to that bargaining unit, not a “one-size-fits-all” approach. SEIU prefers to have a bargaining team made up of employees from each unit. In 2012, we had the opportunity to see “1st Hand” why having employees negotiate for employees is a lose- lose situation.  Read what a Decertification for the the Coachella Valley Water District and others, like the Santa Clara Courtroom Clerks/Specialists from SEIU Local 521, feels like!

We would be honored to have you join us! When signing the petitions it is very important to follow the steps below.

Step 1: Look at the top left corner of your pay stub and locate your “Grade/Step.” It will look similar to this “123/10” (Grade 123 / Step 10). You will only need your Grade.

Step 2: Enter your Grade here to identify your bargaining unit. If using a Mac or phone, click here.
You will see one of these bargaining units

SE2 – Professionals

SES – Supervisory

SE8 – Nurses

SE9 – Para-Professionals

SW2, SW5, SW6 – Waste Management

SPG, SPS – Parks & Open Spaces

Step 3: Download the applicable “Decertification Petition” from the links above. Provide the information required on the petition, including your signature. By signing the Decertification Petition you are stating you are not satisfied with SEIU 721.

Step 4: At the time of the decertification vote, you will be given an opportunity to choose a new union. By downloading and signing the “Certification Petition” included in the link above, you are stating you would like to see the Regional Employees Association of Professionals (REAP) on the ballot as an alternative to SEIU 721.

*Note: Signing the Certification Petition is voluntary; you are not required to sign the Certification Petition in order to sign the “Decertification Petition.” However, REAP would be honored to be your Exclusive Labor Representative!

Step 5: Mail your signed petition(s) to REAP at:
19510 Van Buren Blvd. F3-197
Riverside, CA 92508
*Note: Feel free to have your co-worker sign your petition! Have a lunch “decertification party” and share your petition with your co-workers who also are dissatisfied with SEIU 721. Be sure your co-workers are signing the correct petition. Use the bargaining unit locator on our website to ensure accuracy so each signature will count! Print out the flyer and post is a VERY conspicuous place!