REAP Opt-in / Designation

SUPERVISORS – Attached is the 2018 Supervisor Opt Out Form Letter

If you are a Riverside County employee and your position falls within the Supervisory, Professional, Para-Professional, RN, Parks and Open Space or Waste Management Units, you qualify to become a REAP member.

What does REAP have to offer?

REAP is offering Real Representation by trained professionals. No longer do you have to rely on an untrained co-worker to represent you in a disciplinary action. No longer do you have to make phone call after phone call to the SEIU Member Service Center. No longer do you have to wait for days and weeks to get a return call from SEIU. REAP can help you with your representational needs for only $10.00 a pay period, or $20.00 every 28 days.

REAP has partnered with labor professionals, Public Employees Legal, LLP.  Public Employees Legal, LLP specializes in providing professional representation and negotiations to public employees.  You can learn more about Public Employees Legal,LLP here .

If you are interested in becoming a REAP member and you want access to professional representation, click here. Complete the form and send it to REAP at: 19510 Van Buren Blvd. F3-197, Riverside, CA 92508 – or complete the form, scan and email to

The time to secure professional representation is BEFORE you need it. Don’t risk your job and your future by relying on SEIU to protect you in your time of need. Join REAP and partner with the professionals!