President’s Letter

President’s Letter


Dear REAP Members,


Welcome to your quality employee association, REAP.

This organization is the product of years of hard on the part of everyday county workers such as yourself.  Your board is all-volunteer and every bit of your dues money goes into supporting you in the event you are facing discipline and to working toward becoming your recognized negotiating organization.  We are current and retired Riverside County employees committed to improving the conditions within our work sites.

With your assistance, we will undoubtedly be providing quality contract negotiating and grievance handling in the future.  As an early adopter of our philosophy and services, you can plainly see the benefits of a professional organization, dedicated to you and your co-workers instead of political hysteria.

Rest assured you will have professional representation from our current legal service provider, PEL, should you need it.  Your days of relying on untrained, but well-meaning stewards are over.

If any of you find yourself as passionate as us about having a stellar association in your corner, step up and join the board.  There are a number of opportunities available to help steer the association to which you belong, and to grow it into the one you truly need.

Over the years REAP members have had our successes:

  • Defeated the stealth SEIU dues increase
  • Helped restore pay to two classes of employees wrongly cut.
  • Won the affirmation of our right to represent members in disciplinary matters
  • Won affirmation of our access rights to facilities

We’re not going away; we’re here to win.  I’m glad to have you here with us for all our future success yet to come.



Dale Digiambattista

Interim President, REAP