President’s Letter

Dear Fellow REAP Members and concerned employees,

I am very happy to welcome you to the Regional Employees Association of Professionals, (REAP).

Your fellow co-workers who are responsible for this website and for REAP, sincerely care for you and your family. We intend to provide you with the best possible association to protect your interests; develop strong relationships with your employers and offer you opportunities to develop and refine your skills as a public service employee and REAP member.

Our fundamental beliefs are:

  • Your labor union should provide you with quality services which you are paying for
  • You should not have to represent yourself or rely on a co-worker to represent you in your time of need
  • You should have at your disposal, trained and knowledgeable representatives who sincerely care about you.

We believe we can provide all members higher quality services for less money because we don’t intend to export over 50% of your dues to Washington D.C. Your dues are going to stay here to support and defend you.

We also intend to provide professional contract negotiators for all bargaining units who are negotiating a contract. This is critical for the future or our members and their families as our contract drives our income and benefits for the entire length of the contract. Members can no longer afford to put their future in the hands of negotiators who are not professionally trained to negotiate and who do not understand the intricacies related to negotiating a contract in the public sector.

The Interim REAP Board is transparent, open and willing to work with any of you who wish to participate. Or, if you choose to just be left alone and be a devoted county employee that is O.K. too.

REAP we will hold monthly general membership meetings in an effort to hear all members’ concerns timely. The sooner we are aware of a problem, the sooner we can work on a solution with you. REAP will also offer informative and educational training for all members after the REAP general membership meeting to assist all members in improving their marketable skills. REAP supports workforce education and personal development for every REAP member. REAP supports all members who strive to promote personally and/or professionally.

Great things are on the horizon for you however, we need to know who you are; we need to stay in contact with you and we want you to stay in contact with us.

REAP has conducted its first general membership meeting. We developed, revised and approved the REAP bylaws and elected officers as outlined in the bylaws.

We are now building our membership base and we need you to participate. The county has various rules and regulations that must be adhered to in order for REAP to be a “Recognized Employee Association.” We need you and your co-workers to register as REAP members. As soon as we have reached our membership goal, we will be in touch with you for the next steps. We encourage you to stay in touch by visiting our website often.

Many have asked what they can do to assist in the REAP movement. The most significant thing you can do right now is to register as a REAP member and get 20 or 30 of your SEIU 721 represented co-workers to do the same. Be sure to ask your co-workers to ask their SEI 721 co-workers to also register as REAP members.

I am really looking forward to leading this association into the future. It is truly an honor to work with and for all of you – THE PROFESSIONALS!


Rick Gay

Regional Employees Association of Professional

REAP Interim President