PERB Complaint Summary

April 2013

A PERB complaint was filed against SEIU 721 for allowing a non-member to run for a position on the Executive Board. The SEIU 721 local bylaws and the SEIU International bylaws clearly prohibit individuals who are NOT employed by a represented employer from running for any elected position of SEIU 721. SEIU 721 President allowed current Inland Empire Vice President Wendy Thomas to run on his slate in the April 2013 Executive Board elections when the County of Riverside terminated Wendy Thomas in December 2012. Unfortunately, PERB decision stated local Executive Board elections were outside their jurisdiction.

July 2013

On March 14, 2013, Wendy Thomas, SEIU 721 Inland Region Vice President/ SEIU 721 Representative agreed to and signed a side letter to the current “2012 – 2016 Memorandum of Understanding between Service Employees International Union, Local 721 and the County of Riverside.”  This side letter effectively changed the current and ratified MOU by changing the verbiage as to which Respiratory Care Practitioners are eligible to receive critical care pay. Prior to the side letter, all Respiratory Care Practitioners received critical care pay at $2.00 an hour above their base hourly rate. The side letter creates “eligibility parameters” that must be met before a Respiratory Care Practitioner can receive the additional critical care pay. SEIU 721 literally signed a side letter that takes pay AWAY from members. A complaint was filed against SEIU 721 asking PERB to find SEIU 721 liable and make the Respiratory Care Practitioners “financially whole.” SEIU 721 legal counsel, Rebecca Yee responded to the complaint stating the charging party was not a Respiratory Care Practitioner therefore, has no standing. PERB has not responded as of yet.

October 2013

A complaint was filed against SEIU by sheriff’s communications supervisors in response to retaliation from SEIU.  Ex-employee Wendy Thomas signed a side letter taking away shift differential pay for certain hours for communications employees due to many of them not supporting SEIU.  PERB was asked to undo SEIU’s benefit give away and to restrain Thomas from being able to harass the members of this group in the future.

Novemeber 2017

Settlement reached with Riverside County to cease preventing rightful access to worksites.