Meet Our Board

Rick Gay


My Name is Rick Gay I have worked for the County for over 13.5 years as an Accounting Technician I got involved with the union because I thought they wanted to make a difference in our lives. While working for our co-workers I became acquainted with the leaders of REAP it became apparent we all have the same goals and were not able to achieve them with the current representation. Collectively we have been working together to provide the employees a viable option that provides true representation. I look forward to providing you the best service possible and meet your individual expectations.

Dale Digiambattista

REAP Interim Vice President

I am a communications supervisor with the sheriff’s department and a 12-year employee of the county. For many years I enjoyed helping the public, but sought out the supervisor position so I could make a positive contribution to those around me, people for whom I have enormous respect. I look forward to bringing that mindset to REAP, and hope I can find more who will do the same.

Kristina Zaragoza

REAP Interim Secretary

I have been employed with the County of Riverside for 23 years. I am currently a Supervising Fraud Investigator. At one time, I was very active with SEIU 721. I regularly attended meetings and reported information back to other members. I also took members’ ideas and concerns back to SEIU, hoping for support and action by SEIU staff. I found time and time again, there was no support and there was no action. The more involved I became in “my” union, the more disappointed and disgusted I became. I can honestly say members’ needs, opinions and ideas are not the priority for SEIU. I find this unacceptable and I know other members feel the same. I decided to get involved and be the change that I wanted to see. If you too believe we deserve something better than SEIU 721, please join me and other REAP members in bringing real representation to the Para-Professionals, Professionals, Nurses and Supervisory bargaining units. Join REAP and add momentum to our movement!

John Aberle

REAP Parliamentarian/Treasurer by Appointment

During the past 17 years, I have had the privilege of being employed with the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department, assigned to the Corrections Division at the Larry D. Smith Correctional Facility. I have held the position of Administrative Services Supervisor for the past 8 years. As public employees, all of the citizens in the county we serve, including the inmates in custody, have placed their trust in us to be dutiful and compassionate in our service. Our goal is to serve…Our responsibility is to do it well. I am proud of the work I do and I am equally proud to have the opportunity to associate myself with the members of REAP and the chance to help build an organization worthy of the trust and support of the working men and women of Riverside County.

Kathrine Latta