What’s the difference between REAP and SEIU?
Simple…REAP has no political motivation. The member dues remain in Riverside County. Transparency to the members is critical. Currently we are bound by the constraints of a labor organization that has themselves in the forefront rather than the members. It shouldn’t be like this…

What should expect if I do decide to go away from SEIU?
Plenty. They will tell you the worst case scenario. You will be told that you could lose your job, your position could be canceled, they already have your home address, along with your email address and cell and home phone numbers so you should probably expect that they will be making intimidating house calls. The reason this is going to happen is because they don’t want to lose $1.7 million of your dollars from their bank account.
The good news for us…this is highly illegal. Read the MMBA Section 3506…This spells it out. If you should be contacted in any intimidating way, get the individuals name and report it to any REAP Board member immediately. We will contact PERB.

Is there anyone I can talk to about REAP?
Yes. Send any inquiries to reap4us@hotmail.com. One of the Board members will get back to you within 24 hours.
If I register with REAP am I still obligated to SEIU?
In a word, yes. Registering with REAP at this time is helping to build a strong foundation of members. SEIU is the exclusive labor organization in the county for our bargaining units and all dues are paid to SEIU per California law and our existing MOU. However, it is our goal to relieve them of this burden.

Can I get out of SEIU?
The Agency Shop agreement in our MOU is regulated by the MMBA (Meyers-Milias-Brown Act). In this law, there is the opportunity to vote on whether or not to retain the current labor organization. The Public Employees Relation Board requires a minimum of 30% of the members of each bargaining unit. Petitions must be filed, checked, and approved by County Human Resources to establish if indeed there are enough signatures. Once this is completed, a secret ballot election is held and depending on the results, the County can then include REAP as a recognized labor organization and the members may then choose where they would like their dues invested. This is just the beginning…
The vote to garner 30% of the members is allowed ONLY ONCE during the term of an MOU. This is why it is critical to register.

Can I be terminated for joining REAP?
NO! At this time REAP is not recognized as a labor organization within the county. In California, the existence of any labor organization must be approved by the members of that particular bargaining unit. Unfortunately for us, SEIU has burned their bridges with the BOS’s and HR. Anything they negotiate for us at this point will more than likely be minimal at best. In order to achieve the best for our members, we must start fresh and build a positive environment with our employer BEFORE the next contract negotiations.

Am I required to be part of a union?
California is not a Right To Work state. What this means is that if you are hired by any company in the state that has a labor organization representing the employees, as a condition of employment, you must join the union. However, if your religious beliefs prohibit you from contributing to the coffers of the union through your dues, a charitable deduction will be made on your behalf in the amount of the required dues.