Paraprofessionals, our goal this year is to establish an independent association, controlled and funded by the members, which focuses on OUR goals, rather than the political agenda of an international union.   By controlling our own resources we will hire skilled legal staff (rather than terminated County employees and “organizers”) and be prepared to negotiate a successful new MOU in the months ahead and to see you well represented during discipline, should the need arise.

We will begin gathering signatures very soon.  Please, signup at the bottom of the page for our mail list so you can get your petition sheet as soon as signing opens.  Reach out with questions to us at:



We know that defeating SEIU isn’t an easy task.  But, it has been done several large county bargaining units, including San Diego, Santa Barbara and Marin.   We have talked to members at many of these agencies and they are universally happy with the change.  They are democratically controlled and have much better MOU’s.

We promise to keep you updated as our campaign unfolds.  In the meantime, thanks for your support!

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